Fall To The Ground Created and written by Teon Blake Edited by Dean Ricketts and Victoria Ekanoye
‘ There was a time when sugar was referred to as white gold, and was considered precious-A luxury’. Those days are back!

Think ‘Skins’, Charlie And The Chocolate Factory’, and a dash of ‘Only god forgives, all blended into one entity!

Following the lives of eight dynamic characters explored over an 8 part series. These episodes revolve around the diverse worlds of Carlo (The Prince); Artistic director at London’s only surviving sweet factory, Moyle & Munchies – Here he teaches the youth how to churn out candy that oozes stimuli, in fine rhythm without measurements or scales. Also he is the supplier to bloodsucking sugar lord Ivan, and Dj ‘Bush’ (Rinse).

A world where candy inspires youthful imagination that often spill’s into reality, creating chaos when in the wrong hands!   Therefore banned from the general public! Now only the ‘innocent young’, the wealthy and connected- more importantly the educated, may lick the drumstick, crackle the pear drop, and bomb the Sherbet whilst hiding the secrets! If you are deemed a ‘have-not’ ( Sugar-eater), you shall not come anywhere close to the pink bubble – prescription drugs are the sweetest thing on your lips. However sweets leak into the black-market and sold at a premium! Cocaine and heroine have taken a back seat – the likes of Jelly beans, Twizzlers to Brandy snaps, take center stage! Filmed up close like a ‘fly on the wall’ documentary – part drama and part ‘off the cuff’, we observe them closely, learning a little more, seeing their private dances with the laws of attraction. Blue bloods and Metros to whimsical Floater’s armed with powerful thoughts, tear into each others lives and sweeten our reality.
Smoke & Flowers Created and written by Teon Blake
A Sex trafficking modelling agency exports groomed fifteen year old virgins to the middle east-To be pierced by ‘the one eyed snake’, all on the eve of their sixteenth birthday; Former ill treated model Naomi -scorned, now has the perfect child to settle an old score.
METH Created and written by Teon Blake Inspired by Jamie Sweeney   
A manic depressive, wannabe method actor-unrefined in every sense. He will let blood curdle for the role! -Does he get it? Was it worth it? Can he even recall it?
Ambitious Brunette Created and written by Teon Blake
In a world where natural blondes are scarce-  Sandra Deville is an illegally blonde!  She’ll play the fool to catch the wise, and become the business mogul she’s always dreamed and ruthlessly pursued- Even if it means leaving her claw marks on the backs of sharks on her way up. More still, never can she wash that toxic bleach out of her hair if she is to thrive, undetected. In this world of fashion,gadgets and beauty define!
16-27 Created and written by Teon Blake
Aliens on mars discover entertainment. Fame. They wish to bring home some glamour. A little slice of all that ‘glit’, a trophy  in the form of a starlet named Marilyn,  moreover, they run into the complications of freewill, and devise a soul bounding ‘contract’. It  will award them riches and fame that will out do their rivals, but will wager their right to breathe past the age of twenty seven!  Now enslaved, to an alien nation who grow resentful of their beauty and talent, who never sleep, who are thirsty for the blood sweat and the tears of these ‘mortal puppets’- Chained to their mike-stands, and enhanced with machinery to sustain them through the suffering. Not even the stars can hear their screams.  
Blanc - created by Anthony Young and Teon Blake
A random bet is made between God and the devil. Lucifer looses… ‘Double or quits’ Lucifer says, desperate to escape defeat. God humors him and reopens the bet! Lucifer asks god to ‘take them both out the equation’ -He bets ‘humans without religion and other unworldly influences, are instinctively bad natured – Let them fend for themselves to prove this point’. God Confidant- ‘Godfidant’ , his words, takes Satan up on this offer and wipes the slate clean; The world draws to a blanc! – forgetting everything, to suddenly remembering everything apart from God and the devil. Who? Good and evil! Let’s see where they end.
Twisted Glitter An adaptation of ‘fall to the ground’ Created and written by Teon Blake
Thought provoking stories based on actual events and the creation of the Write On app; a medium where viewers can tune in and basket items whilst devouring the visual delights. Documenting its process and the finely woven layers needed to bring it together, this fusion of art, fashion and real life continues to evolve. Social media royalty has sniffed them out; Bafta winners, high end brands, Grammy nominees, app developers, 21 century, CEOs and E Hollywood News are to name but a few of those inspired by the creator, Teon Blake. His multifaceted vision has struck a chord – London to State side! He treads the balance of business, social life and his absolute delight, Art! Blake, his Partner in crime, Anthony Young (Creative/Artist) and a select few creatives, find delight in the quick pace and the high energy that seems to surround them! The world is at their finger tips. Even space agents are knocking on the door to incorporate their £60,000 flights on this new app series. Teon is itching to reveal plans of launching his creation in space, and having a national party to celebrate this new breed of online entertainment. All comes together in the art; just like the subplot ‘Fall to the ground’ where the Angels from all tertritories – ‘Supremes’, ‘Blue bloods’, ‘Floaters’, ‘Metros’ and ‘Hustlers’ come together and ‘Spill’!