Do you want to write the book that kids (or teens) want to read? Writing Kidlit 101 is a 10-session, self-guided course that will help you learn the craft of writing fiction for children and young adults – aka kidlit. As passionate kidlit authors & writing teachers, we’ve developed a series of user-friendly narratives, tips and tricks, hands-on exercises, and calls to action that you can put into practice as you go. That’s the secret sauce! A solid understanding of craft and a process that works for you.

Writing a book for children or young adults – no matter how long or short – is a challenge. Sure, you could sit down and let the words flow. But the reality is – except for a lucky few – first drafts rarely happen that way. We know – and you know – there’s no “one way” to write a picture book or novel. That’s where Writing Kidlit 102 comes in. This book will help wrangle that story out of your heart and onto the page. On your terms. In your time. In a way that sets you up for success.

We know how hard it is to write because we’ve been there. Both of us dreamed of writing kidlit while juggling kids and careers. Now having sold more than 350,000 books between us, we can’t wait to help you achieve your dream.